Ballot Question 1A PASSES in Douglas County

Voters Declare: Better Roads Lead to Better Lives

Tonight on Election Day, Douglas County voters passed Ballot Question 1A. 1A will reallocate the expiring Douglas County Justice Center Funds and direct those monies toward fixing county roads and alleviating traffic congestion. The measure was unanimously endorsed by all three Douglas County Commissioners.

“Tonight’s win sends the message that voters understand better roads lead to better lives,” said County Commissioner and Board Chair Roger Partridge. “Voters also resonated with the message that 1A does not come with a tax hike. It is a smart policy solution to a complicated issue. We are glad that voters of all backgrounds and party affiliations educated themselves on the measure and got behind it.”

“Our county’s population will increase by 18 percent by 2035. Roughly 33 people are moving to our area each day and being added to our streets. We need 1A to help us manage population growth and increased demand that will be put our transportation system,” said County Commissioner Lora Thomas. “By passing 1A, voters agree that our future quality of life is just as important as the quality of life we enjoy today.”

“From the initial campaign kickoff, Douglas County’s business and entrepreneurial communities got behind the effort. They understood that a vote to invest in a strong transportation network was a vote for the economic health of our County,” said County Commissioner Abe Laydon. “We thank all our volunteers and supporters in the business community and beyond for passing 1A tonight.”

One major business organization endorsing 1A was the Douglas County Businesses Alliance, which represents over 5,500 businesses and 155,000 employees and jobs and representatives of the Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce, Castle Rock Economic Development, The Chamber of Northwest Douglas County, The Northwest Economic Development Corporation, Parker Area Chamber of Commerce, and the South Metro Chamber of Commerce.

About Ballot Question 1A
1A redirects 0.18 percent of the expiring Justice Center Tax, generating $12 million annually in new funds for transportation improvements without raising taxes or incurring debt. Learn more here.